Please read below before buying anything:

Hello, I am Davinder Singh, founder of AwaraX clothing. First of all i want to welcome you on this website.

The main aim of AwaraX is to provide, my fellow Indian brothers and sisters, luxury level clothing experience at very reasonable price (Barely at manufacturing cost).

AwaraX is specialized in manufacturing t-shirts with high quality fabrics like Supima cotton and Terry cotton. All the luxury clothing brands use these two fabrics, but they charge you 3 to 4 times more money for the same clothes. Just for example if you search “Supima cotton t-shirt” on google you will get plain t-shirts for price around Rs 1200 but we are selling the same t-shirt at around Rs 600. Because we really want you to provide the best value for your money.

I haven’t created this website to earn high profits, i really want to serve my country people.

I am very confident that you will really like the quality of my clothes and you will buy again and again from me. 

I request you to carefully select the color and size of your clothes you want to buy, because when you return the product have to bear Rs 100 loss, As i am earning very less from these clothes (only 20 rupees per piece).

I am very confident that you will really like my products, because i am totally committed to provide the best quality, but still if you face any genuine problem with your clothes, you can request for return or exchange easily.

For the sake of trust you can order cash on delivery so that you only pay when product reaches your home.

Thanks for reading this boring information now you can proceed for shopping.

I wish you happy shopping with AwaraX.

Thanks and Regards,

Davinder Singh – Founder and CEO AwaraX